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  Have you been trying to sell your property for quite some time but haven t received any interesting offers yet?

  Do you have to relocate to a new location soon & want to move into a house just like your present house?

  Are you interested in receiving genuine trade inquiries from interested home buyers and sellers?

If yes, you are at the right place!

Welcome to - one-stop home exchange website & Online Listing Service for Real Estate Sale, Purchase, Trade, Rent, & Temporary or Permanent Swap, anywhere in Canada.

There is something here for everyone!
Whether you are a real estate buyer or seller, interested in swap or sale, getting listed on SwapHouseOnline, one of Canada s leading Real Estate Swap sites, is a smart & easy way of exploring numerous possibilities in Canada s real estate trade. = Search for homes anywhere in Canada + Swap Your House with a House that meets your requirements (price, location) + Sell Your property + Establish yourself in Canada s Real Estate Market

House Swap - While you are searching for houses on, someone, somewhere in Canada is also looking for your home. To swap your House on a temporary or permanent basis, all you have to do is list your current house on the website along with your expectations of the kind of house you would like in return. A simple database search based on criteria s such as location & price range at can help you find one another & initiate a successful house swap, by sending swap proposals, quickly & easily.

What s more, by swapping houses, you can save money on commissions, advertising fees & on storing your belongings while in search for a new house to move in. Since a house swap deal is completed only when your old house is bought by the present owners of your new home, this takes away the risk of paying two mortgages at once in case you sell your current home before you find a new one or if you haven t sold yours in time to close. For homes of unequal value, one buyer provides the cash, or gets a mortgage, to make up the difference.

House Sale - For those of you interested in simply selling your house can register on the website for property sale, receive genuine proposals from interested parties, and make a sale on your own, thus saving on commissions & advertising fees.

Realtors - As a Realtor, you can promote your name and services to thousands of potential homebuyers and sellers. This will assist you in getting valuable returns for your hard work in the form of lucrative business opportunities.

The Secret to Selling Your Home Fast!

We welcome you to further explore SwapHouseOnline, get listed and start getting valuable responses. All you pay is your annual membership with us.